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Empathy + Innovation

We are a unique IT design and consulting company, champions of fearless innovation.
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Our Mission

Made by seasoned freelancers with impeccable track records, we bring enterprise grade, world class best practices and quality to your outsourced IT projects. We innovate and solve real world challenges for our clients and users with a single goal, to help them succeed in their worthy missions. Period.
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Join Full Stack

By 2020, 50% of IT opportunities out there will be outsourced by organizations. Is your organization ready for the tectonic shift? Join Tech Talk, our hard hitting technology strategy blog that takes an honest and candid look at the IT landscape, brings you the wheat from the chaff and occasionally shares original insights to make our collective journey in this epic voyage - more meaningful and enjoyable.

What We Do

We provide a wide range of software and IT solutions, consulting services and training. Our clients include small businesses, non-profits, professionals and leaders, award winning digital agencies, Fortune 500 Enterprises and Federal and State government agencies.


Today web and mobile applications form the public and internal backbones of an organization's mission. We design, develop, build and run mission critical software, websites and apps for our clients with varying degrees of complexity, reach and budget.
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Users retain more from a video than they do from any other medium. Touchstone Academy, our Training hub, produces and delivers in-depth, original online courses on IT fundamentals, software, design, freelancing, outsourcing and flex economy.


Our user engagements often give us precious insight into systemic issues or deeper problems that beg for a fresh approach and innovation. Minipack Foundry is where freelance innovators team together and fearlessly innovate for the brave, new world of tomorrow. Subscribe to Tech Talk, our Newsletter and stay tuned for the big reveal.